Jeans: All Purpose Fashion Accessory

I have been in love with jeans for many years now. There's nothing more comfortable, or more fashionable, or more versatile than you favorite pair of jeans (or several favorite pairs of jeans!). I have one pair of jeans that are perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon at home curled up the couch. Another pair of jeans is just the thing to make me feel sexy dressed up with a pair of high heeled boots out at a nice bar.

I love that I can go to work in a respectable, but still great looking, pair of designer jeans, then proceed directly out for drinks with the mere changing of accessories. Jeans can be worn casually, or be dressy enough for the fanciest of clubs. The world became that much better with the advent of denim jeans (thank you Levi-Strauss!).

On this website, I aim to provide tips for stylish jeans wear, my favorite jeans styles, and some other interesting tidbits about my favorite piece of clothing. So, whether you're looking for a new fabulous pair of jeans for yourself, or for the man or woman in your life, I'm here to help with definitions of jeans terms and flattering jeans styles for every body type.

While jeans styles and colors have changed significantly over the years, designer jeans have remained at the forefront of fashion. Jeans have been ripped, torn, abraded, stone washed, acid washed, tight, baggy, stretchy, stiff, blue, and every color of the rainbow. I reach for a pair of jeans if I want to feel comfortable, sexy, down to earth, or professional. There's a perfect pair of jeans out there to suit every mood and purpose.

And that's why I love my designer jeans. They make me look and feel good whenever and wherever. If you love jeans even half as much, you're in the right place. Enjoy, thanks for visiting, and isn't it time for a new pair of jeans?! I think I've got some shopping to do...